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Fish Eating Artificial Plants!

Oct 26, 2013
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comocrayfish5 said:
those are plastic, silk plants are made of fabric. my crayfish eat the plants sometimes and they are fine. if your fish arent dying i personally wouldnt worry about it. i dont see how they would be taking chunks out of the plants, those fish dont have teeth... so you have any other animals with them? pictures?
I thought about that as well unless he has a vegetarian, predatory fish lol

goldfinger said:
Wouldn't the fish just spit it out when they taste plastic?
True, but some will try to suck it in for a few more times til they realize it's inedible.

You should get real plants by now so even if they're eaten you know they're safe. Plus plants can regrow so being nibbled a bit won't be that much of a problem :)
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