Feeding 2 Picky Pigs

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Jun 18, 2004
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California, U.S.A.
I have two triggers in my 25g tank that are very picky eaters. The picasso eats brine shrimp (frozen and live), frozen trigger formula, and frozen shrimp. The clown, however, was only fed live brine shrimp by the lfs but I've finally gotten him to where he will eat frozen brine shrimp and frozen shrimp as well. I bought some frozen squid (Kihari brand) and frozen krill (Kihari brand) for them but they just spit it out (little brats :p). Is what I am feeding them now nutritional enough? I don't want to stunt their growth in any way. I am going to buy some fresh halibut, squid, and clams for them... maybe they will try those out. The frozen shrimp I am feeding them has a ton of salt added. Will that hurt them in any way? I've been thawing it in fresh water just in case. :) Any advice you have to give would be greatly appreciated!
I use Kent Carnivore Pellets for my Triggers. They love em!
I also fed frozen cockle, bloodworm and krill.. in fact as time has gone by they eat anything now, even Cyclopeze and flake! :crazy:

Brineshrimp is in no way enough nutrition. I have known hobbiests have fish die of starvation even though they feed Brine shrimp daily (brine shrimp only).

You mention that you dont want ot stunt their growth? Then i really hope you have a spare 130 gallon (UK) waiting in the wings. These fish grow large and ned space :*)
If your fish only like brineshrimp then i would recoemnd that you soak your brineshrimp in vitamins for about an hour before you feed them. This will give them the n nutrition they need.
The frozen brine shrimp I have been feeding them is Hikari brand which has added vitamins and minerals... I'm just worried that this may not be enough. Kent Carnivore Pellets? Sounds European... could I buy them online by any chance? I am planning on buying a 75G for them in the next month or so. Still trying to talk mom into something bigger... *crosses fingers*. :D Also, you didn't answer my question concerning the added salt in the frozen shrimp... will this hurt them at all?
Do you defrost the shrimp before placing it in the tank?
If so then the salt should quickly dilute before its placed in the tank. I wouldnt thinkit will do any harm as long as its thawed first.

Kent is a product name over here soi guess its purely European. If you can get live mussels and feed them this you will be giving them a great treat!
Can you get frozen krill? this is an assortment of all types of shrimps and plankton.
I would just try and vary the diet a little. I try not to give any of my fish the same food in each 2 days period.
I've been thawing the shrimp in fresh water... but I just looked on the shrimp package and it said that the shrimp only provided calcium and iron. I just soaked their latest shrimp meal in vitamin C and Zinc. I'm gonna try and get some more vitamins to soak the shrimp in. I almost used a multi-vitamin but I realized that it contained copper!:eek: I also looked up kent carnivore pellets and I can order them online. (Woohoo!) Before I try them tho, one question... what size should I order? Small or medium? (My triggers are about an inch and a half long.) I already tried feeding them frozen krill and frozen squid. The picky little brats spit it out! Maybe I can get them to eat it when they are older. Thanx for all your help with this! I really appreciate it!
I use the Kent Platinum Pellet food with Zoecon Tech.
"Small Sinking Pellets"
Reef Carnivore

After reading the labvel i see its actually made in the USA so it must be easy to get hold of there.

Hope this helps.
Just sprinkle 3 or 4 in at a time and these will slowly sink to the bottom. They might not get the idea to eat it right away but once they do they love it. If you listen closly you can hear them crunching them up in the water with their teeth! :crazy: :-(
Thanx for all your help! I am going to order the pellets and see how they like them. Bandit (the clown trigger :p ) has started eating the frozen trigger formula (yay!) and I just bought some copper-free multi-vitamins to soak their shrimp in so everything is gonna be fine! Thanx again!

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