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Jul 7, 2006
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Which Eheim external filter will be okay for a 40g tank. It will be heavily planted with Discus. I was thinking of the Eheim Professional 2224 which is for tanks up to 250ltrs. Mine is 180 ltrs. Should i go for a different one or will this work just fine?
Thank you :)
This will work fine, filter recommendations are pretty subjective, but I have never found any problems with Eheim equipment, high quality and 3 year warranty is hard to beat
You may want to thinkl about a Pro2 as they have built in flow starters, the Pro1's are literally suck it and see.
The filter itself is fine

Steve :)
So i could use the Eheim Professional II 2026 External Filter? Is there such thing as over filtering?
No such thing as over filtering and the ProII 2026 is the dogs danglies.

the filter outlet would be a spray bar below the level of the surface, esp if you are going to be using CO2 injection as fertiliser
Iv got the 2026 on my vision m8 , its a great filter

I got it from here, withe coupon code stock-up you get 5% discount , makes its £95 delivered and includes all media :D


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