Explain this weird anomaly in my tank please...

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May 15, 2022
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Panhandle of florida
So here I was sitting in front of my tank when all of a sudden I see a blue light coming from a "cave" area in my tank... I thought: "I know I haven't bought anything that glows".
So I look in and my sand particles are glowing blue. This is a FRESHWATER aquarium. Weird stuff like this isn't supposed to happen 🤣
I have a photo but my camera for some reason didn't want to clear on the particles of sand glowing...
I have an explanation in my mind that sounds rational.
Prisms. The colored LED light doesn't shine directly on that sand in the cave bit it's does shine on another open section very very close to it which could be reflecting through the sand particles as blue...
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I think you nailed it with your explanation.

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