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Oct 17, 2003
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South East England

Algae problems!

Algae is covering my plant leaves and making them unsightly; it shows as a brown looking discolouration especially towards the top of the plants.
Some is long thin strands of light green and the glass has to be rubbed clean too.

My nitrates are quite low, so the lfs said that the problem could be an excess of phosphates.

Tank is 27 uk Galls with 2 smallish Angels, 14 cardinal tetras, 2 loaches and a catfish. The tank has two T5 lights with relectors and is quite heavily planted. The plants grow well and stream out bubbles after a few hours. The substrate is fine sand (bought from the fish shop).

The product I bought is tropic marin elimi-phos. the pack has two bags of 100g ready to use but the instructions say 100g is for 43 gallons. Do i need to open up the pack and measure out a smaller amt into another bag or does it not hurt to use 'too much'. Also any idea how long it will last before needing replacement?

Any ideas about this or getting rid of the algae problem would be much appreciated.


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