Ehiem filters

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the brand is good but i would go and get the pro serries one as they are much better and if not then u can always go and get a RENA Xp not as good and they don't have the self-priming thingy but u only have to do that once anyways.

Eheim are a very good company u know it's good if i comes from germany they'll out live ur fish and maby the tank if u take care of it.
I've been running a 2231 on a 20 long for around 9 months. Got it on sale, works good enough for me. Only need to clean it every 3 months, and the tank has quite a few platys, a couple corys, 2 small plecs & a few zebra danios.

I've got a 2232, also on a 20 long (36"x12"x12"). I love it. Priming is simple and easy, so is cleaning. A Rena XP would be a good alternative, but when i picked my ECCO up it was actually cheaper than the Rena and comes with Eheim's excellent biomedia. It's a great canister for small tanks.
the Eheim seems too simple to be that effective...

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Yeah, I have 2 Fluval 204's and they're very good. I've never had an eheim, but I did look at the ecco before I got the second 204, and it looks like a reallygood filter, and like others have said; you can't go wrong with eheim. I just got the 204 for a good price!!
I have a 2213 Classic, and i have no probs at all in it. I would like a Pro or Pro II / W & D series, but to be honest, alot of it is gimmicky anyhow (self primers etc).

Eheim are great, even bottom range filters, so if you have £50 to spare, id say get it?!

As said you cant go wrong with eheim, you wouldnt be able to get me to use any other brand of external canister. I preffer the classic range to the ecco as the ecco's have a slightly slower turn over rate which make them more suitable for planted set ups rather than heavily stocked fish only set ups, but they are still a very good value filter for those on a budget.
OoOoo lots of replies suddenly!! Thankyou for your advice and opinions. The only reason I was going for the ecco as apsoed to the other ranges is a)it's cheaer and B) it's the only one that seems to be matched to a tank under 100 litres.
I have an eheim 2236 on my 46 gallon puffer tank and I really can't tell you anything about it except that it is still pushing water back into the tank. I have one of the handle ones. I have read that the handle breaks easy, so if you are careful with that part of it, the rest should work fine I would assume. I have only had mine for a little over a month, so I cannot tell you if they are good or not, but most everyone says they are.

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