Ebjd And Blue Crayfish Tankmates


Feb 15, 2013
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Hello All, 

I need help with some tank mate ideas, at this point I feel like I'm playing Tetris and I really don't know where to go from here! I have a 40gal with an EBJD & Blue Cray (both bought 2 months ago)..... I got a 72x18x24 125Gal tank that isn't set up yet (should have it going by May)

The LFS told me that if I got the EBJD and Blue cray both really young and let them grow up together they would be more likely to get a long and it should work. After getting them and researching it I thought he was nuts and was worried but low and behold.... The cray is now 4in and the EBJD is 1.5 to 2in and they play around each other and no issues at all! I've found that feeding 4 times a day 1 shrimp pellet seems to keep the blue cray full enough that he doesn't even try to go after the Jack and with 5 cave-like hiding places for him to Molt in the EBJD leaves him alone too....

So my question is I'm hoping I can get lucky and have lightning strike a couple more times and if I get a few more fish young enough to not immediately eat the cray that when they get bigger they will be used to him and I can stock my 125gal with more than just 2 things. Any suggestions on where I can go from here on tank mates to introduce and get everyone used to each other and then transfer them to the 125 tank in a few months. 


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