Dwarf Rotala


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Aug 10, 2005
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Common terms - Dwarf rotala, sometimes called Rotala indica, but that is a different plant species

Scientific name - Rotala rotundifolia

Geographic origin - Southeast Asia

Type (stem, bulb, rhizome, floating, etc.) - Stem

Max. size (height, width) - Up to 50cm, leaf length 1-2cm long, 3-5mm long

Lighting required - moderately low to high

Temperature - 20-28 degree C

Water chemistry requirements (pH, hardness) - it is adaptable to different conditions, mine is grown in a pH of 6.8, my gH is slightly hard,

Growth rates - medium to fast

Demands - undemanding under proper conditions

Additional info - This plant is a wonderful addition to any well-equipped planted aquarium. It does best with the addition of CO2, more than 2.00 WPG, and adaquate nutrients. My rotala thrives in 3.73 and 2.8 WPG. With proper fertilization and lighting, the plant becomes a lovely light pink, especially in the uppermost leaves. When the plant breaks the water's surface, the leaves become small and rounded, looking very different from the growth below the water line. It propogates using both cuttings and side shoots. It is offset nicely by plants that have a contrasting leaf shape and color. It looks best when it can be planted in groups. The growth, under ideal conditions can be very dense, and it is a good mid-ground or even back ground plant. The leaves are arranged in whirls of three leaves. There are several different leaf varieties. Here are pictures of R. rotundifolia from my 10g.


Edit: Again, I have worked with this plant under low light conditions without CO2 or ferts and have achieved the following results.

1.4WPG, no CO2 or ferts

Dutch style, no CO2 or ferts

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