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Double Date!

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Dec 8, 2023
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Athens, GA
Looks more like three's company or someone's ex has rocked up uninvited.

Does something seem fishy about this to you?

I thought the pygmy was being a very patient and polite waiter, asking what drinks they'd like with their meals, on their shy first date!

Having said that... the blurry oto at front of frame does look like a creepy stalking ex jealously watching from up a tree outside the restaurant from a scary film or something. That little guy is definitely up to no good! :lol:
I couldn't get all four to focus very well. The oto and rose-colored shrimp were chilling face-to-face, with a rili shrimp in the background, and then while I was taking a photo of those two the cory showed up in the front of the rili shrimp and made it even more perfect! But then the shrimp started walking away so I had to take the photo before I had figured out the focus.
Something about those shrimp skittering along makes me smile . And Dwarf Crayfish . I’ve only ever had fish but I think the urge to have something else , like these creatures , is getting stronger all the time and I might have to break down and bring a few home . They’re cool !
Yes! They're just shromping :D
I love the way they swim too. They look like little helicopters; they use the tiny legs on the tail to hover around and then they rotate themselves to land with their main legs. Whenever I see one cruising around I want to make motor noises.
They look so clumsy when they're swimming, but touch one when cleaning the tank and it moves so fast it's like it teleports across the tank.
Mine always make me uncomfortable by not running away from the vacuum/my hand unless I actually touch them. I think they know that anything that won't eat them is best ignored.

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