Damien's Upgrade

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Fish Crazy
Apr 26, 2012
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Today I went to the pet store to get supplies for my 6.6 gallon tank so I could move my Betta, Damien, in. I got new sand, and two kinds of plants. Water wisteria, and cryptocoryne wendtii green. In addition to those plants I have some blue polished stones, a small blue archway for him to swim through, a statue of a shark with a sign that says "no fishing!", a piece of wood, and a rock with java fern on it. It is probably the nicest tank I've had. I'm very proud of how it looks. Though there are still a lot of bubbles because I just filled it up, and added my Betta less than an hour ago. It was already cycled from being overstocked for a few months.


I am sad to say he has some rips in his fins, and because of the lighting in his old tank I couldn't really see them very well until recently, and now he's missing a chunk from his bottom fin. I think it was probably the plastic plant that I hadn't gotten rid of yet, it has a few sharp edges, and he liked hiding in it. Hopefully those will heal right up in his new tank! :)
Thanks, they've gotten a little better, but I also noticed a few missing scales after I posted the original post that haven't healed yet.

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