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  1. outofwater

    Lone dwarf gourami tank upgrade

    A couple of days ago I picked up 2 tanks: 15 and 30g. Working on the 15g to move Mr blurami from his current digs (10g) Both tanks came with lights, one filter, and covers. So far I've cleaned and scrubbed the small tank and the filter. Upgraded the light to LED (hood had old incandescent...
  2. J CZA

    New tank upgrade soon

    I have a 10 gal w a honey gourami and 3 small Cory catfish and recently got 3 piscis catfish. The fish are still small and I'm battling brown algie.. It's almost gone but the tank water is brown. It needs a wc. I get my paycheck on the 22 and have been planing to upgrade the tank for a while now...
  3. FurFinFeathers

    Betta Tank Upgrade Tips?

    I'm going to update my three male betta fish to a divided ten gallon, but i have a few questions. If i get two dividers from Petsmart, they dont have holes, so i assume I'd need a sponge filter for each section? If I make them myself, I could make them with holes in them so i would only need one...
  4. FurFinFeathers

    Betta Tank Upgrade Help?

    Hi guys, I have a few question regarding betta care. I currently have three male betta fish each in separate one gallon tanks. I know these tanks are super small and not healthy for them, so I want to upgrade their tanks. Would it be possible to divide a 10 gallon tank into three parts for them...
  5. dazbud

    All Pond Solution - Twin Powerhead Trickle Filter Or Not ?

    I've just upgraded from a 100L with internal filter to a 250L All Ponds Solution tank with hood trickle filter.   I bought it cos the tank and cabinet were a good deal. I was sceptical about the wet/dry trickle filter, but willing to give it a go.   I was quite surprised on arrival. Given that...
  6. Betta_Shark5678

    Damien's Upgrade

    Hello! Today I went to the pet store to get supplies for my 6.6 gallon tank so I could move my Betta, Damien, in. I got new sand, and two kinds of plants. Water wisteria, and cryptocoryne wendtii green. In addition to those plants I have some blue polished stones, a small blue archway for...