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Aug 24, 2004
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Illinois, near St. Louis
I tried tagging this onto another thread, but didn't get any response, so I'll try again.

I have a 26 gal that I am starting to cycle fishless. It has been running a little over 4 days now. I read the articles in the pinned thread regarding this method of cycling and while I have the ammonia and testing kit for all the various levels, I did not have a readily available source of bacteria like commented in the article (gravel from an established tank, live plant, etc). However, my tank is now slightly cloudy and I'm wondering if this could be the bacteria "bloom" that is talked about and that I don't have to worry about finding a bacteria source now, or should I still go ahead and pick up a plant from the lfs?

Readings from last night were:
ammonia - 5 ppm
nitrites - still zero

Thanks for any help. :)
Would your lfs give you any filter media that you could put in your own filter to start the process off?
Not sure, but I could try. Back when I had a tank several years ago, I built up a good rapport with the owner of a good shop near me. They have since closed and the only ones within a half hour drive of me are almost exclusively saltwater oriented. Other than that, it's PetCo or PetsMart. -_-

So you think I still need to go get a bacteria source even though I've got this cloudy water now?
hmmmm....the PetCo near me has a couple of products I found on their website. A "Cycle Biological Aquarium Supplement" on which the description states can be used to cycle new tanks, and

"Aquarium Products Freshwater Biozyme", stated as being able to do the same thing.

Thoughts? I talked to the owner of my lfs yesterday and she looked at me like she was pitying me when I told her that I was following this fishless cycling of my new aquarium. Told her exactly what I was trying to do and what information I was following to do it and she acted like I was doing drugs. She then got out a pamphlet explaining the nitrogen cycle, blah blah blah, and I'm like yeah, I've read about that approximately 20 or 30 times now. Was trying to get her to help me out with the bacteria boost and the best she did for me was tell me to take home some fish food and sprinkle it in the tank and it's decay would foster bacteria growth. :blink: Alrighty then...
I can vouch only for bio spira, I hear the rest of that stuff does not work. How bout purchasing a plant, that should have all the needed bacteria
LOL - That was what my intention to do yesterday was. Every time I tried to redirect her that I just wanted to get a plant, she argued the point and went another direction. I was already picking up a couple of other things there with a gift certificate I had, so rather than argue on a topic that I was not very well informed on, I retreated and chose to ask here again about it. I will stop at another place on the way home tonight and pick up a plant. Tired of messing around and wasting time. :angry: I want to be able to get some fish before Christmas! :/
The bacteria will seed into your tank from the atmosphere whether you add material from an established tank or not. The colony will enlarge to the size you need quicker if you can get some seed material, but it will eventually happen either way. Plants should help, but only if there is sufficient lighting to keep them alive. The bottled products which are kept shelved at room temperature have been proved useless. Products which are kept refrigerated do work, but not as well as media from an established tank. Just stay patient, follow the 5ppm daily (halving daily dose when you see nitrites) "recipe" and it works great. :thumbs:
Thanks luxum :D . Yup, that's where my ammonia level is hanging. Waitin' on them nitrites to show up. The plant was not a big expense and if it gives my aquarium a little bacteria boost, then it's worth it. I'm eager for some fish, but patience is a, they probably wouldn't look all that great through the cloudy water anyway - or floating on top of it either. :/

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