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Cryptoheros sajica fry

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Oct 11, 2023
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Any tips on supplementing the diet of newly free swimming fry, and also as they progress in the next few weeks and maybe month or two? Without increasing the bio load too much.

I don't plan on moving them away from the parents anytime soon.

Mum and dad are in a tank of their own. There is no algae/other organism source for the fry, unless they find something on the sand, as the driftwood and terrocata pots are all quite new.
They'll feed constantly. The breeder's go to is newly hatched brine shrimp, but that takes a set up. I would say high quality sinking pellets they can work over - both insect and algae based. Before you know it though, the parents will be ready for the next brood. Any time after a month, they may suddenly kill the brood, as in nature, juvenies would be ready to swim away, and stay away from the next brood.
I start all cichlid fry on frozen lobster eggs (same size as brine shrimp eggs but even more nutritious, giving even quicker growth).
Then after a week or two I add various frozen foods, grated/sliced with a small serrated knife while still frozen. And crushed flakes.
They’re on the menus of quite a few of the frozen fish food producers? I usually get these…


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