Courting Behavior In Blood Parrots

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Dec 26, 2012
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I hope I'm in the right section for this. I have 2 blood parrots. One is a king kong and the other is just a "regular" blood parrot. I did have 2 golden tinfoil barbs, but they didn't make it through a tank change and a water temperature increase.
Anyway, the BP's are the only fish in the tank now, aside from a african catfish of some sort. They all get along pretty well. I noticed that the KK parrot was a little aggressive towards the other one, but that passed.
Then I noticed the regular BP hiding more and more from the KK. I thought it was strange since the regular one is bigger, but quite a bit. I then noticed that the regular one's gills turned a weird pinkish color and her color became VERY vibrant. I've never seen her this color EVER. She is always pale white/yellow. Now she is totally orange with pinkish gills. (I use the term "she" lightly, since I don't know what either of them are and I always thought the big one looked like a girl. lol).
All that happened over the span of like two weeks.

NOW! They're swimming around each other all the time and circling each other. I saw them "kissing" earlier and I've noticed that there are two spots of rocks that are cleared out for a "nest". I am pretty sure they are courting each other, but I don't know which one is the male and which is the female. I've read that MOST of the BP males are sterile, but not always. I also read that they may lay eggs, but since the male is sterile, then they'll eat the eggs if they don't hatch. Which, if that happens is fine with me. haha. But how could I tell which one is the male and which is the female? And are they really displaying courting behavior?

AND, if they do manage to hatch out the eggs, what would I do with the fry?

Thanks for listening to my random ramblings.

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