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Could a Change of Heating Boiler Affect Water Chemistry

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So it's nearly 4 weeks since the emergency happened. I had my tap water tested by the LFS 2 weeks ago and the phosphate level was very high. I went and had the tap water and the tank water tested yesterday, they tested Ph, GH, KH, Nitrate and phosphate on the tap water and all were good which was a relief.

The tank parameters were not so good, Ph was 6.5, normally around 7.4, KH was 2, ammonia was 0.5, no nitrite or nitrate, and phosphate and iron were good. They recommended a 50% water change, which I did yesterday afternoon ( 5 * 25l buckets out, 12.5 * 10l buckets back in). I tested this morning and Ph was back to 7.4, KH was 7 and ammonia was zero. I'll give it a couple of days and then I'll transfer the removed fish back into the main tank.

The survivors in the main tank are 1 flying fox, 5 pentazona barbs and two false juilli cories. It was fortunate that my son's tank was still in use otherwise the losses (2) would have been much greater. I'll keep his tank running, even if it's just for use as an emergency one.

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