Cloudy Glass Catfish

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Jul 17, 2004
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East Sussex
Wierd problem here... one of my Glass Cats has a strange cloudyness to him, any ideas what it could be?

Also, while im here, my red wagtail platys seem to enjoy sitting in the floating plants I have at the front of my tank. Just wedging themselves into the roots and staying put for a long time. Is this normal?
is your tank cycled? my glass cats got cloudy when my tank was cycling. i thought sure i would lose them but they were ok.
Also, how old are your glass cats? Sometimes, as they age, they get a little cloudy. What are your water params too? In addition to aging, glass cats "cloud up" when they are ill, or after they have died.

Mine did the same. Here is the only info I could find on the subject: Go to Breeds and type in Glass Catfish. Mine live for 2 more months after clouding. The good news was that it was the only one to turn opaque. You can try to treat it for bacterial infection if you can move it to another tank. If not you can run the risk of killing off good bacteria in your tank.

Good luck.

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