Cichlid fry. What do I do?


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Jun 27, 2022
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I have a polar snow white parrot cichlid and a polar blue parrot cichlid. They had babies, just found them last night. What do I do? First time raising them. What to feed and what about separating them? Also it was time for a water change and a substrates cleaning. How long can I wait if I should not change and clean now? I normally go about 10-14 days between water changes. Also I seen a few left over eggs I think on a coral decoration and an artificial plant. Should I remove them?


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Jan 26, 2008
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Perth, WA
Baby cichlids can eat newly hatched brineashrimp when they start swimming. A week after that you can add microworms and a week after that, add other types of small foods. But keep them on brineshrimp and microworms for at least the first month and add other foods on top of that.

Babies must stay with the adults for at least one month, or until the babies swim off from the parents and don't come back at night.

Just do normal water changes every week. The parents usually keep the babies near a cave or rock and you can clean the other side of the tank away from the parents. If they get upset and attack the gravel cleaner, just drain water out and refill the tank. A couple of weeks without gravel cleaning is not an issue but you don't want to leave it too long.

Leave the eggs on the rock. If they are fertile they will hatch, if not, fungus, snails or fish will eat them.

The following link has information about newly hatched brineshrimp, microworms and other foods for baby fish.

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