Celestial Pearl Danio

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Feb 14, 2024
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We have a 10 gallon that is being used for fry. About 20 in it. Set up a 20 gallon that the lady wants to use for this purpose going forward. The current fry will be moved into that when it is ready.

I would like to use the 10 for Celestial Danios, hoping 10 will be not too many. Would adding another nano fish group be over populated?
Those fish are very small and very shy. Instead of adding another fish to that tank I would probably boost their numbers to something closer to 16 or 18. They should be good in a 10 gallon because they have a very small bio load. They are more comfortable in heavier planted tank setups, so you may want to have a bunch of plants on hand. The more of them that you have the better they will interact with each other and it'll seem more natural, they also won't be as shy in larger numbers.
Thank You for the input. We are OK with a single species if that is best for the fish.

Male to Female ratio? Three to one?
@Boundava is on the money. Double the numbers and keep it single species. Make sure you have lots of plants.
That's is a good ratio, the males are very handsome sparing over females.
Species tank it is. Saw these little fellas at the not so lfs last week and we both became enamored. They were so darn busy and seemed to flash as they skitted about. The color was a stunning blue on what I was told were the males.

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