Cat Geckos Are Here! Pet of the Month
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Mar 18, 2004
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They are SO FREAKIN' COOL!!! :wub: :wub: :wub:
My coworker Josh is taking one and I'm keeping one. I ordered a pair, so maybe one day we'll breed them. Hopefully I can convince him to let me keep the female, she's prettier :p

Here's the male, all puffed up. "Don't pick me up!" he says. They aren't prone to biting at all though, no worries.

And HERE is the female! :hyper:

Lovely lovely

Very cat-like

I love the poses these guys strike ^_^
wow those are beautiful! :wub: :hyper: i've always wanted a gecko. What kind of care do these guys need? :look:

edit: i nominate the 3rd pic for POTM, couldnt resist lol
I couldn't find much info on these, but from what I understand their care is pretty basic. They don't require any special lighting or anything, room temp (72-80) is fine, and they eat crickets and worms and such as you might expect. The only thing is they require misting at least twice a day to keep the humidity in their enclosure high, and I'm not sure yet if they will take water from a dish. If not, the misting will serve as their water source too until I finish setting up the larger viv with a water feature.
oooh i like them, i'll 2nd that nomination :D
More pics! Look at how they sleep!

"What's in the tank next door?"

Being arboreal

Ooooooooh!!! I am agonisingly jealous, they go for about £300 per pair here at the moment so not much chance of me getting some of these beauties anytime soon :(

Great pics and gex! Hurrah :good:
Synirr they are gorgeous, I dont know where you find the spare time or space to home all of these animals, I bet your place is like a mini zoo! You are an inspiration to others out there.
Before Moray reads this


You are a big meany,

Moray points one direction, "look CFC a black arrowana for £10.00". (moray runs for the local reptile shop).

You are very lucky, they are gorgeous Synirr, aren't they cat like and beautiful, especially the girlie, I'm very very jealous. :wub: :wub: :wub: are they nocternal? do you know their scientific name (I'd love to know a bit more about them).
They are entirely nocturnal, yes, and the scientific name is Aeluroscalabotes felinus. This is the only half decent care sheet I've been able to find, there is limited information about these guys out there:
LOL @ Moray and CFC!! You guys are a hoot! This has possibly been brought up before, but how long have you two been together?
About 100 years? No wait nearly 7 years thats it, it just feels like longer :p

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