Can't wait till Xmas!!

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May 14, 2004
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Well Me and Boyfriend went to one of our Favourite LFS's on the weekend to get me some fish to swim in the top level of my 18 gallon tank. After ohhing and ahhing over the fish i decided to get a pair of panchax cause they were gorgeous and had more attitude than the hatchet. i also got a lovely whiptail catfish :wub: and a bulldog plec for my small tank.
But while we were there we saw this large clearseal tank on sale for £56. we'd been thinking of upgrading for a while and decided to start pricing tanks. this tank can hold 47 gallons!! and the guy said we can have a hood , lighting, stand for about £180 (we'll use the filtration we've already got ) So come christmas when we have enough money saved we are going to buy one of these tanks for ourselves as a christmas pressie ! i can't wait!! I plan to fit a blue bulb into it as well so we can see the fish at night (he he he!! :shifty: )
Congrats aloaring! :cool:

I bet your mind is flooded with a million stocking possibilities. :lol:
Well I think we are just going to move the fish from our three footer into the new tank since our Angel fish and common plec are outgrowing their current home. and keeping the three footer as a hospital/ breeding/ emergency tank.
But i am thinking i will get it quite heavily planted so thinking of CO2 systems and appropiate lighting! So excited :kana: yet I have 4 months to wait !! :X

On another note cometcattle my female paecock goby isn't looking too good at the mo. looks like she can't swim properly but physically she looks fine but she struggles to swim and then just lands on the gravel. the male is trying to woo her but she isn't interested. Any ideas :huh: I would hate to lose her.

We recently lost our female nannocara anomala (Heartbreak after her mate died) and our giant microglanis. :X

p.s whos that in your avatar?
Sorry for the loss of your fish. :-(

I wonder if your peacock goby is having swim bladder problems. :/

I think you should start a thread in oddballs or emergency giving all the details about her to see what everyone thinks. It doesn't sound good and I'm not really sure. I hope she gets better. :/

Thats Jennifer Connelly. :wub:
Thanks Cometcattle, well before i post here i am going to my local LFS and ask the resident expert alun for his advice. Shes still eating, just doesn't want to swim. Wonder whether shes just too heavy with eggs or something weird like that :blink:

Ahh jennifer connelly, my boyfriend likes her! but his favourite is Sigourney Weaver. My favourite film star is Vin Diesel :wub:

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