Can anyone help me identify this fish?


Unknown Fish

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Mar 2, 2021
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Mumbai - India
Yes it was a surprise for me when i saw the eggs hanging. I didnt know what to do and the next day they vanished. May be they were eaten by other fish. I used to keep planted aquarium earlier but for a couple of months i have gone bare bottom with only floating plants.

How do I save the eggs?
Can i take the female and keep her seperate while she has the eggs hanging? Is it safe for the eggs to net the fish in that stage?

I like your betta - The most laid back betta ever 😂😂😂
The eggs could well be in the roots of the floating plants

You could try making a spawning mop - a handful of strands of knitting yarn tied together in the middle and weighted so it sits on the bottom of the tank and the yarn floats up like a plant. Have a few of them, put one in every day then next day move it to a separate tank so any eggs can hatch.
This is a technique used for other types of fish but I can't why it wouldn't work with rice fish.
I am so excited 😊


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