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Mar 31, 2005
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Norfolk, UK
Common Name(s): Burmese Border Loach, Botia Angelicus, Polka Dot Loach

Scientific Name: Botia kubotai, recently re-named from Botia angelicus

Family: Cobitidae

Origin: Asia - Myanmar

Maximum Size: Up to 9.5cm (5")

Minimum Tank Size: 29 US gallons (recommended)

Care & Behaviour:
As with many Loaches, they are relatively easy to care for and a great addition to a community tank.
They really enjoy each other?s company and should ideally be kept in groups of 4 or more. They are real "cheeky chaps", very active and playful, so the more space the better.
They enjoy plenty of hiding spaces.

I have never seen any of mine remotely interested in (other) tank mates, and they appear to live in harmony with other peaceful bottom dwellers too.
They seem to tolerate and adjust to a wide range of water conditions (pH, hardness etc.) when well acclimatised.

Almost all general community foods are happily and greedily accepted. Flakes, small pellets, granules, crisps and much loved (algae & sinking) wafers.
Blanched vegetables (peas, zucchini, cucumber etc.).
They also love (thawed) frozen foods and live foods.
They are very loud "clickers" and will click enthusiastically when enjoying their food.

Tank mates:
As they are peaceful themselves, other peaceful tank mates are desired.

No known captive breeding.

Life Span:
10+ years.

Colour Pattern:
No two fish have the same pattern. Some have many small dots, others larger more loosely spaced dots.
Juveniles have three black stripes and five black bars, along with "four pairs of elongate yellow blotches".
As the fish ages, the bars and stripes widen, the yellow bits get narrower and spots extend into the bars.

1) They do sometimes play-fight (only ever with each other - never other fish), and this can seem quite alarming at first.
One fish will appear more dominant and attack the other fish. The less dominant fish will completely discolour and almost looks beaten up.
This play-fight only lasts for 5 (up to 15) minutes or so, and no real harm is ever done.

2) Though most articles on the web state an adult size of 4", there have been reports of sizes up to 6" wild caught.

(Please do not use any of my photos without my permission)



Aug 2, 2005
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Alabama, USA
Here are a some pictures of my B. Kubotai showing some different patterns. Please excuse the dirty glass.

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