bredding kribs in community

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Apr 15, 2004
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Essex, Kirby
would like a pair of kribs in my community tank when i have it running, my LFS dude said they meet kill whilst breeding as they get agresive but if I had enough hiding places would they be OK?
i would suggest having kribs in a tank with other dwarf cichlids in a tank above 20 gals, the best way to breed them is to have them alone.

and arnt the african cichlids?
Oh, sorry i got a reply in here about them on an angel post so assumed to post in here again.

these tank buddies would be a ruby shark, bristle nose plecs, cory's and them selfs!! in a 25gallon.
It should be fine, add a couple of caves or if you have already then it should be fine. The Sharke and corys will out run a krib and plue a krib cant do that much damage for cichlid.

Good Luck.
a krib can do alot of damage. riverine species tend to be more aggressive and hardier than most africans. especially when mating.
a krib cant do that much damage for cichlid.

hmmmmmm try telling that to the fully grown male bristlenose my kribs killed...or the countless cories :/

Kribs ARE pretty nasty when breeding.

i certainlt would NOT suggest having kribs with other dwarf cichlids in a 20g like suggested either. :( does say 20g+ if you plan on keeping other cichlids i would say more like 50g + at least.. its not just size that matters. :S
I currently have a pair breeding in my Swordtail community....but no fry ever make it :( True, I do have a 4" Botia beauforti and a 2" Botia Helodes in there :rolleyes: They eat anything they can get ahold of. As well as 4 Cories, and 2 Albino BN's. But no Swordtail fry survive, either.

It CAN work, but it really depends on the temperment of the individual Krib. Mine don't bother anyone....even with a batch of fry they will simply chase the others out of their area and leave it at that. :flex:
Would a Krib do well in my tank on it's own then as they look pretty good..?

or maybe another cichlid??

thanks for moving me :thumbs:
About 90% of the time, Yes. I kept a lone female in my community tank for months after her sister paired off. She got a bit "testy" when she wanted to spawn, but didn't bother anyone.....unless you consider digging her own caves and bugging me? :rolleyes:

I've also recommended a male to someone for their community to eat the snails. They LOVE him. He fit in perfectly :)

Once in a while, a lone Krib will be just as aggressive as a spawning pair :crazy: THEN it's a problem. Unfortunately, you have no way of knowing the personality of a fish until you have it for a while. :sad:

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