Brand New Reef Aquarium Set-up For Sale


Jun 25, 2004
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Maine, USA
It's been a wile since I've been on these forums, and I thought of it when I found out I had to sell my unused reef set-up I intended on actually using until I realized that I was going to college next year. :blink: Anyway, I started working for a aquarium service company up here in the northeast a year back, and was offered aquarium products at wholesale prices by my employer. So, I went overboard and bought parts for a reef system after my boss gave me a 55 gallon acrylic tank, which had been outfitted with an overflow box and bulkheads by the company we work with that custom makes aquariums and sumps. The set up consists of:

- The tank as mentioned (Length: 48" - Width: 13" - Height: 20")

- 48" Outer Orbit HQI/T5 Lighting System

• High intensity PowerPaq HQI metal halide lighting
• Microprocessor based driving system
• SlimPaq T5HO Enhanced with high lumen output lamps
• LED panels provide both blue & white lunar lighting

-Ecosystem sump/filter with Bioballs and Miracle Mud

-Custom Skimmer box w/ Bubble Walls

-Blue Line Pump 40 HD (790 GPH)

-A Very Large Skimmer (Forgot the Brand name, we have used them on many of our company accounts up here, its overkill for this tank to say the least...)

-120 LBS Live Sand (Still bagged... should give about a 4" sand bed or more)

-70 LBS of LIVE ROCK is available if desired, it is currently resting at my employer's office in our live rock pool.

-Other accessories such as a hand-built stand, lighting timers, heaters, and hangers for the lighting.

Basically all thats left for this set-up is to be plumbed and add water. I AM willing to sell these parts individually, but I also am in a hurry to sell it all out, so if someone were to buy the whole set-up, that would be more preferable to me. Here are the pictures of the set up all broken down:

Since I paid wholesale, which for everything I had to purchase came to around $1400, (includes the lighting, the sand, both sumps, the skimmer and pump), and its all not in original packaging, I'm obviously not going to be asking for the retail price for the equipment. I received the tank for free, but paid $80 to get it drilled and the overflow box installed. The company that made the tank charges around $250 for the tank brand new. Depending on what you want, we can talk about a price.

If you want the entire system, with everything I mentioned, I am asking $1500 US. You can search for these items for their retail price, and you'll find this is a good deal. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. I'll be sure to check this topic again, and provide contact information if anyone is interested. Thanks, and sorry for the winded post.