Blue Varietail?

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Fish Crazy
Aug 22, 2004
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West Yorkshire, UK
Has anybody seen any 'Blue Varietail' Guppies for sale anywhere? my lfs had them January time, I bought nine and haven't seen them again. 8 of the nine have since died :( Anybody else seen these fish or had these problems? I'm just interested....
Is this what you are after?

sorry camera is rubbish :p
They had some of these in The Hollybush Garden Centre in the West Midlands last week. They sure are gorgeous looking guppies! Hope you find some soon
small world aye?! :D

Have been round a few shops this morning to see if they will take any extra guppies off me when they are ready and The Hollybush were the only ones willing to do so! So I had better get that extra tank soon especially as my quarantined black female I bought yesterday had 10 babies this morning!

sorry for going off topic too ;)
I lost Jesse James a couple of weeks ago :-(

My yellow guppy though also in the avatar is heavily pregnant and I've got my fingers crossed that he's the dad as he was the only male in the tank for a while.

She's like a swimming brick at the moment in the hospital tank on her own so she can give birth in privacy

Must say haven't seen any similar males for a while

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