Black Spot on Cory

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I got two Albino Cories about a week ago. They're both healthy, active and eating well, but i noticed last night that one of them had a black dot on it. It looks kind of like the thing female guppies get when they're pregnant, but obviously its not a guppy! :D lol

Does anyone know what this is? Is it normal?! Im sure im over-reacting but i hadn't seen it before on either of them and i worry if i notice anything different about them, sorry!!lol

I tried to get a picture but the camera didn't pick it up so well... Any suggestions of what it may be would be great though! :)


I'm thinking it's probably blackspot disease, which is caused by parasites. If so, there is a cyst beneath that spot with a slow-moving worm curled up inside. (Pleasant, eh?) Do you have any snails in your aquarium? The parasite requires them to survive, so no snails=no black spot. Of course, there's always the possibility of the introduction of a new fish that has it, in which case the disease may, in a short time, manifest itself even though there aren't any snails.

If the description above fits, you may want to treat for parasites. Otherwise, I have no idea what it could be.

Thanks for the reply! :) However, ive had a problem with my guppy developing lots of black spots all over him, which i was told was black spot in another thread ( ). I have two tanks which both have snails in them. The guppy and Cory are in different tanks. It is possible that they both have black spot i guess, however the cory only has one big black spot and it doesn't look like the spots on my guppy at all..

I guess ill just have to keep an eye on him and maybe try and get a picture!!lol Its really hard to explain a problem with a fish.... Thanks though! Ill have a look on some website! :)

The spots on your guppies may just be natural coloration, whereas the one on your cory may be the parasitic affliction. He is, after all, probably the closest to the snails, and perhaps more exposed to the disease.
Yeah, someone mentioned that it could be his natural colour coming through so im not panicing too much just yet. Ill keep an eye on both and see if it gets any worse, if it does ill treat either/both! :)

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