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Aug 17, 2006
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Tank size: At first, it was a 10 gallon with 2 other girls, and now it's a 10 gallon hospital tank that she's in right now (isolated from all other fish)
pH: ~7.4ppm
ammonia: 0ppm
nitrite: 0ppm
nitrate: 40ppm
kH: don't have a test kit for this
gH: don't have a test kit for this
tank temp: 76-82*F (My Tetra heater automatically selects a temperature, it's not adjustable by me), and in the hospital tank, I'm trying to set it to 86*F slowly, it's currently about 75*F

Volume and Frequency of water changes: 100% once every week for all tanks.

Chemical Additives or Media in your tank: Community Tank - A filter, a heater, an ornamental turtle which was sold at a pet store (fake, of course), a silk plant, gravel, and some other decoration I got from a pet store, Hospital Tank - heater

Tank inhabitants:

Recent additions to your tank (living or decoration): When she was in the community tank, none. In the hospital tank, none.

Exposure to chemicals:

Fish Symptoms (include full description including lesion, color, location, fish behavior):

I have a female betta that I got about a month ago from a breeder (a halfmoon). After a few days of having her in my aquarium, she got black spots. I checked into this disease online. A formalin bath at 75ppm was a recommended treatment.

Since then, I have tried several treatments, all of which she has not responded to.

1) BettaFix Treatment: First, I tried BettaFix for 7 days, as it has been effective for all of my fish problems. I figured that it should be good for this disease too.

2) CopperSafe Treatment: After the BettaFix treatment didn't work, I called a local pet store and asked them what other treatment I could try. They recommended CopperSafe for parasites (which is what I believed it was at the time, since the disease page I read told me it was). I tried that, and waited 7 days to see if it was effective.

3) Formalin Treatment: Now we are up to 14-15 days. It took me about 5 days to finally find a place that carried it. At the same time, a forum member told me to try Trifon, so I bought both of these. On the 23rd, both meds were delivered. I tried a formalin bath at 75ppm, and waited to see if this was effective.

Today, while I was looking at her to see if anything had worked, I noticed a large curved spine. I posted this in my original thread (thanks to everyone who posted there), and someone told me black spots and spinal deformities are all symptoms of fish tuberculosis.

Apparently, black spots are supposed to be cured by both copper and formalin treatments. I've tried both and it's not cured. I'm almost sure it is fish tuberculosis.

BettaTalk states fish TB is not curable, but I came across a message board post with someone with an angelfish who cured fish TB by injecting erythromycin. I have 200mg of erythromycin (Maracyn powder packets).

I am thinking that I might be able to inject this myself, but I am afraid to do so without directions telling me where to inject it, and how much erythromycin to inject. I don't think there's a vet who would accept a betta, of course, and I wouldn't take a betta to a vet.

Actually, is it illegal to inject things into a fish without being a vet? I'm not sure if fish are regulated or not.
I am trying to find some Kanacyn. I don't believe it's made anymore, so it's a pain to find, but some pet stores do seem to have leftovers from before they went out of business.

Unfortunately, the store that carries it is out of town, and the earliest I could possibly get down there is Saturday.
They say once the spine curves there no cure.
I will get you a link, yes black spots can be a sign of fish tb especially since the meds haven't cleared it up.
I was able to find a store that carries Kanacyn, and they still have some in stock. For this girl, I'm assuming the game's over, but as for the community tank she used to be in (before the black spots started), I will be treating that tank with Kanacyn and Jungle Anti-Bacterial Medicated Fish Food as a preventative measure. Since tuberculosis is "invisible" for a period of time, I'm not yet sure if the other girls are carrying it right now.
If you catch it early there a good chance for the other fish that it hasnt advanced.
Once there spines bends thats it i'm afraid nothing to be done.
Good luck.
Becareful with your self aswell.
I'm being careful on water changes. She also now has a sore. (Another tuberculosis symptom). I wear gloves everytime I do anything with her now.

As a note to anyone who needs Kanacyn, look for Kanamycin. It's the same exact drug as Kanacyn, just a different company makes it.
Good luck.
My overdosing seems to be working. (I dosed for 3 days instead of 2 days -- one day of overdosing). Her spots are lighter and she swims a LOT more.

I read that the spine will never get fixed, but it looks like she may be getting fixed.
Ok, good luck but once the spines bends not much to be done.
Yeah, I'm not sure if she'll make it. Her days are probably all numbered. I just want to make her last days as comfortable as possible.
No harm in that that what fish keeping about taking care of your fish.
Wish it looked brighter bless her, wish you all the luck.
Sadly, she died yesterday (December 24th, 2006). I have two feelings about it. On one end, I consider it to be a gift to her since she no longer has to suffer in the better place that she's in right now, but I am also sad that she's gone. I'm going to be burying her later today. A note about burial - get a gift card tin and put the fish in that. It prevents a cat from digging it up and eating the fish, which is what happened to the goldfish I burried.

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