Betta not doing well, what can I do? Pet of the Month
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Nah! Nowadays the betta are as weak as a sedated baby
But they will fight to the death. Sometimes people get lucky with peaceful bettas... And they can be good community fish then. But would I recommend buying a betta directly from the store and putting it in a community tank? No.
Hi Byron. Here's about 90 seconds of the Rams interacting today. I'll try to get longer footage tonight.

This helps. Of the three rams across the screen in the first half of the video, the middle one may be male, and the left one may be female. These two do seem to tolerate each other. The ram on the far right is likely another female, and not welcomed. I'd want to sit in front of this tank for some time and periodically over several days if it were me to see if this bears out.
The Betta is really coming along. He finally started swimming around a little yesterday and is eating and swimming more today. Thanks for all your help.
Good to hear that the Betta is doing better by himself.

Easy mistake to make when deciding on which fish to have in an aquarium, they all look gorgeous and you want them all....sadly it doesn't always work out well but at least you can have your fish, enjoy them and they are no longer getting stressed out or injured, thats the main thing.

Keep a good maintenance routine and all the fish should be fine from here on in.
Far more relaxed now :)

Hows the DG doing in his new home alone, has he calmed down too?
Yes, he's adapting well. He lives with just two Aeneus corys now, so there's no one for him to really bully since they pay him no mind. I guess you could say he's far more relaxed now too.
Good, I am glad that he is less aggressive now....his hormones were raging beforehand. You caught the problem and handled it quickly. Hopefully everyone will settle down now for you and you can finally enjoy the fish rather than have to act like the referee in a wrestling ring.
Nah! Nowadays the betta are as weak as a sedated baby
If that was the case, (which it isn't), then it would simply mean that the Betta in question would have a short, stressed life of being repeatedly bullied by other fish.

Good to see the quality advise offered was acted on, @Paulie B. , with a very positive result.

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