Betta fish fin clamped and bloated?

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Feb 3, 2024
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Hi All,
My Betta is acting strange and I am not sure if there is a need to worry or not.

Size 60L
Around 3 months old. Set up with established filter media from another tank.
Planted with Sessiflora, Althernanthera Reineckii, Java Moss, Cryptocorne, Monte Carlo and Duckweed. Gravel Substrate.
Waterchanges done once a week on Thursdays. Well Water, treated with Seachem Prime and Flourish during water changes.
Temperature 25.5 degrees Celcius.
Tank mates - lots of Neocaridina Shrimp and 1 Betta Fish. I have had the betta for 3 months.
Feeding Schedule is once a day in the evenings. The food differs, sometimes it is live blackworms, other times I feed frozen food or soaked bug bites.
Sponge Filter
Light that came with the tank
Ammonia; 0PPM
Nitrate; 0PPM
Nitrite; 0PPM
PH; 8.0
These have always been my parameters in this tank. They don't fluctuate and I have never had a problem with this tank.

My Betta has been acting strange since this morning. He has been a bit lethargic and has been hiding in the duckweed for most of the morning. This is unlike him, as he is usually quite a show off and loves to swim around the tank and explore. He usually swims straight to me in the mornings when I come downstairs, but this morning he is just refusing. He hasn't been fed today. He was fed last night with maybe 3 bug bites. I soak the bug bites in tank water first. He didn't eat all of the bug bites, I know this 100% because I took a photo of the shrimps all gathered around eating 2 of the bug bites.
When he is swimming, he seems to be quite bloated and fin clamped? I have uploaded a video here;
(please excuse my 2 year olds tantrum in the background - I refused to give her ice cream for breakfast).
There are lots of baby neocaridina in the tank - is it possible he has picked off a few babies and overindulged? Or could he have eaten a dead shrimp?
There are no obvious signs of any problems with him other than the bloating and fin clamping. He doesn't appear to have any wounds or any growths etc.
Am I worrying over nothing? Or is there something I can do to help him?
Thank you SO much in advance
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It's hard to see any bloating in the video, would you be able to see if you can get an aerial picture of him? He sure seems active too! You could try fasting him for a couple of days to see if that makes any difference.

How much water do you change each week? If you're concerned about him you could also try a few large (75%ish) Water changes for a few days.

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