Best Live Plants for Gouramis?

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Aug 13, 2004
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Erie, Pennsylvania
First, I'm a newbie to this... so bear with me. ;)

I just got a 12-gallon tank, and I'm hoping to get a pair of dwarf gouramis for it. I've read that gouramis like a planted tank, and I've also read that they like a plant that floats on the top of the water.

My question is -- what are some good plants I should buy? What plants are fairly hardy (good for beginners) but also ones that gourami like? And what type of plant can I float on top (if they do indeed like that)??
They'll like some java moss but I'm not good with live plants at all, I can't ever remember the names. You may have better luck asking about the plants in the planted tank section. BUT....gouramis do indeed like floating plants and lots of cover :thumbs:
Hi mandi :)

Gouramis like tall plants that grow to the top of your tank. Amazon sword plants are probably the easiest ones to find, are usually offered at a reasonable price and are easy to grow.

I do not use floating plants with gouramis because they are air breathers and need free access to the surface for oxygen.

Other plants, like java moss, bunched plants, etc., are fine to keep with your gouramis, if you like them. They won't care one way or the other about them. :D
Thanks for your help -- such fast responses! This has to be one of the friendliest forums I've ever seen. :D

Heading to the LPS after work so hopefully they'll have some healthy plants to check out!

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