Best filter for fry only tank

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Oct 11, 2023
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Tank is 24 litres, fry would be only 2 or 3 weeks old from being free swimming. Cichlids.

I've seen these filters with the sponge out in the open and it blows bubbles straight up. But do these need a separate air pump?

What's my best options please so fry don't get sucked into the filter, but also avoiding turning a 24 litre tank into a jacuzzi, thanks.
Oh, and don't forget to put the control valves in for the pump. Will allow you to turn up/down the air flow and prevent water from going into the air tube when power goes out.

This kit has all you need for it ( Amazon )
This filter is also an option, I have one in my shrimp tank. it's basically a sponge with a pump attached to the top.

It says for tanks up to 120 litres, but the flow is adjustable. Mine is in a 23 litres tank and the flow turned down is not too strong for that.
Usually for fry and shrimp it is best to use a finer porosity sponge rather than a coarse one. I use a Poret foam 3x3x3 inch cubefilter with a small air pump. Not sure where to get Poret in the UK but it is made in Germany. Dr. Tanner is the exclusive seller of it in the states. I have a lot of Poret cubefilters and Mattenfilters.

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