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Feb 9, 2021
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Hi, I am completely new to keeping fish so apologise if this is a silly question. We have a Tetra 30L starter tank for our theee guppies, this has a lid (light is in the lid) and slot to open for food. Can an automatic feeder be used with a tank like this? If so could anybody recommend one? I’ve tried to research myself but all images show the feeders attached to an open tank. Many thanks


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Why do you want an automatic feeder for?

Most fish can go for weeks without food so if you are going away for a few days to a week, don't worry about it. Just feed them before you go and leave it at that.
Thanks for your reply. We have a three week holiday planned for the summer (if covid restrictions allow!) so wanted to think ahead.
If you feed them well for several weeks before you go, and have lots of live plants in the tank, they should be fine for 3 weeks, assuming they are adult fish and not babies.
Agree with Colin. They'll be fine.

Automatic feeders have a nasty habit of going wrong, dumping all the food in at once, causing a lot of rotten food, which then causes an ammonia spike.
I recently bought this feeder for my 20 gallon tanks in preparation for an upcoming 2 week vacation. I tested them yesterday and they work great. They do have a clamp that you can use if your tank has no lid. One of my tanks has a lid so I just set the feeder on top of it with the feeder opening above one of the cut-out areas of the lid. You select the size opening on the feeder so that it doesn't dump too much food out.

Your particular tank and lid look a little tricky as it appears to have some curve to the lid. I can't tell from the photo if this feeder would work given that slope but it might.

Otherwise there are some vacation feeder blocks that you can put in the tank that dissolve slowly and the fish can eat at them over time. I don't have personal experience with those but would also recommend testing before you go on holiday as I read some reviews that were great whereas other people said the fish didn't eat them and water quality was affected.

Another option would be get a fish sitter to come in and check on the fish once or twice a week and drop a pinch of food in.

So whatever route you choose, test before you go.
I would avoid feeder blocks as they have a poor reputation. Some have filler in them which deposits itself all over the tank while you are away; others break down quickly and release the food too fast leading to an ammonia spike.

Is there anyone who could go to your house to feed the fish while you are away? It doesn't have to every day, just a few times during the 3 weeks. If there is, measure the food into containers (eg those pill dispensers with a section for each day - one would last 3 weeks) then hide the food tubs so no-one can feed extra.

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