August 2013 - Fotm Banter Pet of the Month
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Apr 4, 2011
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All comments for fish of the month here please.
Yes, and I cannot deny that photography plays a role in my decision in the vote.
:p I like it as well, I also like mine. But I guess thats a bit bias lol
Your intentionally inhibiting me from seeing the full beauty of the fish. How am I supposed to see if it is truly a fish of the month when most of the photo is black?
Well, its supposed to be artsy. You can see a lot of the fish, and by shooting it so close I was trying to give you a kind of insight of what it might be like to be a fish in the tank. It also breaks a little from most other types of shots - a lot of bright shots where people overcompensate in iso or other methods to get brighter pictures
Furthermore, the focus is entirely on the fish rather than background or plants or anything else in the tank.
I can't remember a POTM/FOTM/TOTM banter didn't include discussion about photography over fish.
wow its going down to the wire 12 ,11 and 10 votes for the top three.
I like that betta pic. :) The betta is highlighted by lush colors and a great contrast with the black background. Everything important is visible, and everything else is left in the dark. It certainly draws my eye in.
Would a mod delete my entry please, didn't realise you had to be a member for 60 days before entering
No worries, Lillefishy.  You can enter soon enough. 
We're always running them.
If I had a nickel for every time someone asked that question...
Just kidding. Sure, no problem.

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