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Association Of Aquarists Autumn Auction Sunday 10Th November 2013

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Nov 12, 2006
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Association of Aquarists Autumn Auction
Sunday 10th November 2013

Kempshott Village Hall,
RG22 5HN

To Bid you will require being a Association of Aquarists which is £10 a year or get a day membership of £1.50.

To pre-enter lots, please complete the booking-in form and return to: -
Andy Pearce,
4 Newlands Drive,
Ash Vale,
GU12 5EA
01252 325686
E-mail: [email protected]

All pre-entries to be received no later than 9pm on Friday 8th of November 2013
10% Commission charged for pre-entries.
15% Commission charged for later lots .
Entries subject to available space – late entry limited to 25 lots per person on the day.

We will also be asking for donations of fish or goods for the auction which all the proceeds will go to charity.

Auctioneer – Chris Ralph

Sellers attending.
Amazon Aquatics
Andy Pearce
Alan Dunne
C&M Malawi Cichlids
Chris Ralph
Hev Gardner
Shrimp Toast

Attending! Just down the road from me :D
Anything, common shop type of fish to supper rare stuff, esp killi, livebearer, cichlids, catfish anf pleco's
Also loads of 2nd hand dry goods and loads of foods there too
How do you get a single day membership for this?
Have been scouring the websites and can only find a yearly membership for £10 which I do not really want.
Would rather just pay the single day membership at £1.50.
But as said, unsure where to find this and if you could advise please.
If its payable at the door that would be good, is this the case?
Day membership is £2 and you only pay if you looking to buy or sell.
Oh right, your first post said £1.50!

Anyway that's no problem. Yes am looking to buy so will require one of these day memberships.

How or where can I get one if these? Or is this at door or at registration desk on the day?

it was £1.50 last year, but this year it's £2 my fault should of checked at first.
You just turn up and see the people at the front to join
Today's auction is going to be even bigger then the monster we had in March, the auctioneer (Chris Ralph) was telling me last night that ~760 entries were pre-booked, in March with the late entries we had ~700!
Should be something in the pre-booked list to cover most fishkeepers' tastes, http://www.fishkeepers.org/auction-dates.html
Defo there m8.
I was in the fish room Bagging fish from 6pm till 10 last night!
Will you be bringing anything?
I'm bagging up at mo, hoping to bring along some of my Steatocranus casuarius youngsters for the auction, not sure I will bring any Ilyodon xantusi (despite having plenty to rehome) because last time I brought some they did not sell and there are some already listed as pre-booked.
I'm also bagging up some others, but not for the auction.
See you a bit later on, I'm travelling up with Chris. :)
yep and we got out at 8.30pm after clearing almost everything away!

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