Aquatic Plants – In Order Of Growth Rate

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How do you possibly find the majority of these plants? I’m seeing local shops offer very few selections, maybe half a dozen at best. More from online vendors, but still limited selections.
I have access to a small local fish shop, which takes requests from their Dutch suppliers and a Pets at Home, which sells Tropica plants.
I also have access to two maidenhead Aquatic stores and then, of course, there's Thinternet.
Sources were Thinternet, my old notes and a copy of 'Encyclopedia of Aquarium Plants', by Peter Hiscock.

Would common names be useful? Given that the 'common' names I might use may differ from those used in other countries, I am thinking it may be easier just to stick with the Latin. ;)
wow... i never knew something grew faster than duckweed
literally doubles in 10 hour when i add ferts
The fasted low tech? But with LOTS of light? Vallisneria when its the dominant plant. When you start the plant zoo? They slow up considerably. Look good..just much slower.
Cryptocoryne balansae and I suspect the other look a like Crypts like C. spiralis. When they get the roots established and lots of light? They want to fill the whole aquarium. I think they are the fastest spreading large aquarium plant. They can send leaves up 24" and then across the top another 10" or more.
One plant that stands out because it has tiny dainty looking leaves and yet is tough and fast? Pearlweed. You start with 3-4 stem cuttings from LFS and 2 months later its a green monster. Again- with LOTS of light. I had mine at first in less sort of I moved it to the back of the aquarium where the sun DOES shine ( lol) and it exploded into growth. Yet,some people grow it as a carpet. If you do,expect to trim it very often..probably annoyingly often.
Those stand out as fast.

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