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aquarium salt?

Discussion in 'Tropical Discussion' started by finfayce, Oct 16, 2019.

  1. finfayce

    finfayce Fish Fanatic

    Oct 10, 2018
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    i have an aquarium with 3 blue spotted sunfish. they are native to Florida but these were raised in an aquaculture business. one of them has three small spots. not the like the specks of ich. these are raised spots. kinda like moles on humans only they are white.
    and Petco said try aquarium salt.
    i also have a red eared slider in a 55 gallon tank. i have thoroughly changed water and the cartridge in the internal filter twice in a week. the water is cloudy with a greenish tint. Petco said sounds like algae’ bloom- use aquarium salt.
    btw i have entered my turtle question in the aquatic reptile forum. haven’t heard back
    thanks for advice.
  2. Colin_T

    Colin_T Member

    Jan 26, 2008
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    Perth, WA
    How long have you had the fish for?
    Have you added anything to the tank in the 2 weeks before this started?
    Any chance of a picture of the fish?
    If the pictures are too big for the website, set the camera's resolution to its lowest setting and take some more. The lower resolution will make the images smaller and they should fit on this website. Check the pictures on your pc and find a couple that are clear and show the problem, and post them here. Make sure you turn the camera's resolution back up after you have taken the pics otherwise all your pictures will be small.

    If the water is a cloudy green colour, it is algae. This is caused by too much light, too many nutrients, or not enough live plants to use the light and nutrients.

    If you don't have any live plants in the tank then either add some or reduce the lighting.

    You don't want to change filter cartridges unless they are falling apart because you get rid of any beneficial filter bacteria when you do. Filters that contain cartridges can be fitted with a sponge instead of the cartridge and this will last 10+ years and save you a heap of money. Buy a sponge from another brand of power filter and use a pair of scissors to cut the sponge to fit in your filter.

    To clean the sponge or filter pad/ cartridge, get a bucket of tank water and squeeze the sponge or cartridge out in the bucket of tank water. When it's clean, put the sponge in the tank and then wash the filter case and motor under tap water. Tip the bucket of dirty water on the garden or lawn. Reassemble the filter and get it going.
  3. Byron

    Byron Member

    Feb 25, 2009
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    You do not want to be using salt with turtles. And I cannot imagine why Petco would think salt will cure green cloudy water anyway. This is most likely a case of high organics (turtles produce a lot of waste) and light.

    Answers to Colin's questions will help on the other issue.

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