Apple snails

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Jul 17, 2004
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after trying several stores, all syaing that their stock of apple snails were dead, i found one store that said they were "alive"
is there any way to tell if they are alive? the guy at the store told me that they were hiding ? is this true
Im certainly no expert on snails, but i believe that when they're dead they will actually fall out of the shells... When i got my apple snail he was 'hiding' in the tank at the shop, i would have thought he was dead, but as soon as i put him in my tank he started moving round and eating all my plants... :angry: lol

here is a pic of the underside of one
update: they are alive
i left them alone for a while,and when i came back one of them was climbing the glass and the other is just roaming the gravel
but i am woried about food, what do they eat?
All the pretty expensive plants in your tank... :angry: lol

I dont actually feed any of mine anything extra, i think they just eat the left over flake food or whatever you feed your fish. They'll eat it from the bottom of the tank which makes cleaning a lot easier :)

My snails have survived about 9 months on that and they just wont stop growing... they're HUGE!!!

how should the vegetables be prepared?
should i boil them, or just give it to em raw? also, how big should the piece be?
hi folks...

Ours eat anything that we try to feed our fish >:-(

algae flakes are a favorite - as is cucumber (sliced)

ours dont touch our live plants, but they have done a great job of cleaning the dead bits off though.

they were about the size of a penny (UK) when we got them (8 weeks ago) and they are a bit bigger than a 10p.

They are now in their own tank (well its our breeding tank) as we were a bit worried about the plecs they were with - the snails hogged the food.

here is a pic of one just after we got it.

EDIT : Doh that was our Para Plec :D
I dont really like snails, but thats a nice picture :cool:

jess if you have problems with your snails go on ebay and look for a moss ball that way your plants should not get eaten.
im glad to hear that your snails are ok jebus.


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