Anybody fish?

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Jul 18, 2004
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Johnstown, Pennsylvania
Just curious if there were any anglers on the board? I used to fish a lot and I kept a lot of fish to eat. Since I've gotten into fishkeeping as a hobby I simply don't have the heart to kill a fish. I do still fish a little but I never keep anything. I return every fish as quickly as possible and I use barbless hooks.
I fish, i used to be a serious match angler but gave it up as it was getting too expensive to compete properly. Now i just go a few times a year when the weathers nice or i fancy a bit of peace and quiet.
I do enjoy fishing very much. When I was a kid, my dad and I used to go on fishing trips all the time. So I will always sort have a soft spot in my heart for fishing. When we used to go out we never kept many anyway. My dad never fished to kill them. He just enjoyed the act of fishing, so we always threw them back. Except for the occasional one that swallowed the hook, or got it through the eye or something.Those ones we would keep for dinner, because he didnt have the heart to throw them back knowing they would probably die slowly anyway. So that is how I still fish.
I went carp fishing a few weeks ago. Here's some pics.

I go fishing and find it very relaxing. I never kill the fish and as above ALWAYS use barbless hooks. Carp is what I try to catch most of the time they seem to come in at about 2 lb but I did catch one that just reached double figures. I was really proud of myself. :D :D

I have only fished to 3 years and do not get the chance to go often. My partner has taught me a lot but i know i still have a lot to learn. :/

I never use all this posh stuff like bite alarms and gadgets and poles etc. I only ever use and ordinary rod with float. :crazy:

I have never tried sea fishing or fly fishing, mainly because I do not want to catch and eat the fish. :no:

I am happy occasionally at the lake or river bank just fishing as it used to be. B)

P.S. Scotminot - Lovely Pics - I would love to catch one that big. WOW!

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