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miss bunkface

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Dec 5, 2006
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Michigan. ugh.
the angelfish as seen in my avatar, named bing-bing, is oddly shaped, he's can i put this..?

he's smaller that my other's and slightly deformed, but cute, none the less.
i did get them from a breeder...

just suggestions why he might be like that.

thanks! :good:
It is most likely from stress, your tank is VERY overstocked. Angels require 40 gals for one and an additional 10 for each additional angel IMHO. Angels are a very 'tall' fish and require tanks that are tall as well. I would say you need to upgrade to a 75 gal tank to make them all happy!

To answer the question more directly, angel do deform when they are uncomfortable, signs are bending their top and bottom fins so they are 'shorter'. As for the 'dent' in the fish I would say it is a combination of either poor diet (on your or his part) and stress. Stress can kill fish so you might want to think about what I have said.
no, no.

i got him like that.
and he's the happiest thing i've ever seen.

and he dosen't bend his fins down to make him shorter.

i got all the angels for free.
from someone who had them all in about a 40 gallon, and they're were like 30 of them, plus some small koi, goldfish etc.

so, it most definatley not my fault.

i take as much care of my fish as i can.
yeah, the tank is small, but for lack of funds, its good enough for now. im upgrading within the next week or so.
im sure if they were that miserable, i would have noticed.

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