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Most killifish guys have never seen them before. They are different and extremely uncommon but very nice fish. You need a group of 10-20 and a big tank with hard water. They are something special that most people (including myself) will never see in real life.
I've seen them. The holy grail of lampeyes - stunning fish. That is actually the cheapest I have ever seen them for sale at.
I'll never own a tank large enough, or have the budget for the numbers they need to be kept in.
They do grow to about 6 inches, which is way bigger than other killifish grow. They are also the only killifish I know of that comes from hard water with a high pH. Virtually all other killifish come from soft acid water.
We have a bunch of brackish killies around here, and there are other coastal hardwater killies in Europe, Asia and the Middle East (if you have an oasis, a killie can evolve to fit). It's an ancient family, from before continental drift had reshaped our world.
In East Africa, where the geology hardens the water, there are lots of annuals (Nothobranchius) and small, colourless lampeyes. L. tanganicus are special with their size, colour, and the fact they are shoaling open water lake fish, but they have relatives all around. There are larger killies but not in the hobby much.
Twenty five bucks a pop ? Too rich for my blood .
And buy fewer than 8-10, and you are wasting your money and their lives. I don't have that fish for a reason...

Blue gularis are common enough. I think they are a complex of related fish. I have seen wild come in at 6 inches, brutes. Most stop at 3-4 inches. Fantastic fish - really fun, and very hardy. They are semi-annual, so they don't usually live more than 2 years. It's a breeder's fish.

Endangered too, for those that like projects. Their habitat is an oil producing region.
Over here that would be a bargain and I would snap up 20 of them straight away. The last time (in fact the only time) I have seen them for sale here and they were 4 times that price.
The first time I saw them, they were $75 USD each.

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