Ammonia in water!!!!

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Aug 11, 2004
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Pennsylvania I just checked my ammonia levels and it was between 2.0 - I quick did a water change....about 45% or long should i wait to test the water again and do another change if nessessary??????? :blink:
You shouldnt be getting any signs of ammonia at all. DO NOT use any product to alter your water. Godd old water changes will take care of it. Keep doing 10 - 20% water changes daily until you get a nil reading then check a few times a week to make sure its staying down. A LFS is a Local Fish Store.
DO NOT use any product to alter your water

I agree.

Just test your water daily and do daily water changes until you read 0 again.

Beware if you have had an ammonia spike you will probably follow it with a nitrite spike.

Are you cycling you tank.??

What are your other readings??

How long have you had the tank running??

Have you just added fish??
Yes I am cycling my tank.

The tank has been running for a few weeks now.

The fish were put in a week ago.

My other readings are .....
Nitrate- 0-20 ppm
Nitrite- 0
hardness- Soft (75)
Alkalinity- Moderate 80
pH 6.8 - 7.2
Out of curiosity, how large is the tank? If it's in the 10-20g rank you'll have to quite vigilant as skimpy and KnuckleHead have suggested.
dancin76ersgurl said:
its a 10 gallon tank...
I see. It looks like you added a full bioload to your tank right away. As already suggested I'd test every day and do water changes every day (about 20-30%, maybe more) to keep ammonia levels under 1.0 or so. With that bioload of fish you'll have some work to do to keep ammonia down. It may be a bit challenging, but doable.

If you know somebody with an established tank, you might try adding a couple of cups of gravel to your tank. Or you might consider seeing if your LFS will take a few of your fish back until the cycle is complete. HTH~
Hi dancing76ersgurl as you are cycling your tank you may find my link helpful. As I have said it will not be the same as yours but it may help to show you what is round the corner for you especially each time you add more fish. History of my cycled tank.

I know it seems a lot to learn but it is worth it in the end. You might also find this link helpful The Nitrogen Cycle

Best of luck and ask if you have any more questions :cool:

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