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Fish Crazy
Nov 16, 2006
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Yeovil, Somerset

Does anyone know where i can get a bottle of ammonia from to do a fishless cycle? Im in the UK and cant seem to find it anywhere.

Many thanks
I don't think they sell that. It wouldn't be good to put it in your tank, anyway. Just let nature do its course. :)
Oh ok i just read through what i needed to do a fishless cycle but your saying that i should cycle with a couple fish?

You can get ammonia from lots of places! :) Just buy some prawns(the dead kind) or something from your supermarket and put them in the tank to rot, or put in some fish food or even pee in your tank!(there was a big thread on that somewhere :rolleyes: ).
Ok then thanks for the reply. So far i have my new tank up and running and the heater is set to 26 degrees but i need to get the tank cycled with the bacteria present before i introduce fish so what would be the best way for me to do this?

Many thanks
The best way is to get hold of some mature filter material and stick it in your tank. Second to that is to buy some kind of bottled bacteria, which alot of people are skeptical about, including me. I used API's 'Stress Zyme' to cycle my very first tank, and it seemed to work(i immediately over stocked with goldfish so its hard to tell).
I use it with every water change because its supposed to 'help keep aquariums clean and naturally balanced', and while i doubt it actually makes a difference, i still use it just because i've got a big bottle of the stuff tht i didn't pay for.
It depends on what you think is 'right' and 'wrong'. Danios, especially Zebra Danios, are very hardy fish, and ones commonly used to cycle tanks. The danios will go through some stress, but usually live through it. Some think that's not right, so they would rather use ammonia. If you can't find ammonia, just put fish food in the tank (make sure it sinks). That should make enough ammonia to cycle your tank. I can't really tell you how much fish food to put in, just use your best judgement.

Good Luck!
I would avoid the fish food method.

Since your probably adding other pollutants to the tank aswell.

I used the fish food method for one of mine and the surface went all oily..i dunno if it was down to the fish food just rotting or something else. But i would try another method.
I used the fish food method on a 10g tank of mine, and all that happened was the water got a little cloudy until I took the food out. No oily surface or anything... :huh:
Ok thanks for the advice, theres a massive boots store just opened in my area so il have a look tonight to see if they have any ammonia.

Many thanks
Potassium permanganate is apparently good for killing snails (when used as a dip for plants) and I made the mistake of going into the local chemists and asking for some pure ammonia for a cycle and potassium permanganate to kill snails :X

It seems that both substances can be used to make explosives and my chemist refused to sell me either, he always looks at me funny now, I'm sure he thinks I'm a terrorist :lol: so I don't recommend making that mistake :crazy:

As has been said, the best way to cycle a tank is to get a bit of mature filter media from someone else's tank and there was a thread somewhere for you to find a donor in your own area who will help you. I don;t know where the donor thread is and at this time of night I can't be bothered to look, no doubt someone else will be able to point you in the right direction :nod:


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