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Jul 22, 2004
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WOOOOOOOOO here we go.. many pics !

we will start with the tanks..

this is the 10g i set up yesterday.. it has 5 female bettas in it, and 2 flying fox's i bought today

heres a pic of the flying fox, with some plant under him.. kinda looks like a lizard.. and of course the DT had to get in on the fun

another of the flying fox bein checked out by the yellow

fox in same place, minus yellow betta lol

more fox fun

i donno if you can see anything here, but the fox is in the back to the left of the rock

1 of the fox's on some slate (not sure if you can see it)

havent shown this tank in awhile.. its a 10g and has 4 croaking gouramis, a male hi fin platy, and 2 cories (all 4 croakers are in the pic good luck finding them)

the 20g tank (3 cons) this was the tank that went from ugly to 'not so ugly'

this is the betta spawning tank.. 10g.. i have a male in there now, just chillin.. still havent decided who hes gonna try to breed with.. and im still waiting on the microworms.. i think im gonna try 1 of the platinum DTs.. theyre full of eggs now, and shouldnt take more than a week of bloodworms to get them rdy for fun

i added live plants to tank, thats why im taking new pics..
heres the 20g female falx tank.. 1 of the plants is floating .. current in there too strong im guessing.. ill have to anchor it down with a rock

and the female, that jumped out yesterday.. shes still not happy.. her tail isnt open, but i think in a few days she should be ok

this is the 5g that the male falx jumped out of and died..

this is my 8g tank with 1 female betta.. shes a crank, and dont like friends.. maybe eventually i will put something else in there, and she can go into a container

there are 3 krib fry in this pic.. good luck finding them haha

and here is the krib tank

thanks for viewing, hope they didnt bore you :flex:
the tank levels get low very fast here as its 90' everyday.. i topped up all the tanks on monday.. its now what thursday.. and theyre back down to being low.. not all of them are like that.. the krib tank is low, the 20g con tank is low...

the 20g falx tank is low cause i didnt have a lid and didnt want her jumping out, same with the 5g.. but they both managed to jump out.. once i have a proper lid situation, they both will be topped up.. i usually add water to tanks every weekend.. usually about 20% evaporates a week, so i just need to add water
was gonna breed them, and i was told that the water should be low, so the male will have an easier time spitting the fry back into the nest.. it has evaporated too tho, could use another 2 or 3 inches.
i only can spot 2 in the actual pic.. maybe you picked daddy in the back as one of them... but there were 3 in the same spot when i took the pic.. o well..

u win..

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Cool tanks... I definitely feel ya about the temp evaporating the water and moving the level down... every day it's like I have to put at least another inch or two of water into all my tanks...


Also, I can't get over how beautiful the DT is... she's so awesome... wanna just give her to me? ;)

j/k :)
Wow, water evaporates fast. Glad NJ isnt 90'.

Also, you do do water changes rght? now just top offs?
OMG what type of cichlid is that in that one tank!!?? The blue striped one, THATS THE ONES I HAVE!! what type are they???!?!?!?

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