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Mar 4, 2005
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I am writing this to give you notice that it is my wish for your staff to delete all of my personal data from your forum board. (Killifish Section for starters)
This data involves seven long years on the site that I called home. Only to be dis-credited on the word of one person of which you took heed of before proper consultation with myself.
I have no wish for you to aire my personal articles and work. Work that I spent many long hours painstakingly constructing, formulating and testing (aquarist stuff you would know nothing about) to share with others.
These articles are close to my heart given the personal time spent. they are widely available to many national and international Killifish bodies and anyone can view them there...but not here.

If one had gone about this sorry state of affairs and conducted a proper and civil line of communication with me surrounding the recent events, then perhaps this situation would not have arose.....I fully lay the blame at your door.....for not being articulate enough in opening those lines of proper dialogue.

For my part I was an innocent party......I know for a fact that it was not your decision, but you relied heavily on the word of.... shall we call her a 3rd party.
One such party that I can provide all the evidence you need to as why she shouldn't be there. (collected & stored previous data defaming a lot of existing members)
This is not a witch hunt as such and shouldn't be construed as such, but questions have to be asked surrounding her motives intentions and agendas
Is she an asset to you?......If the membership know what I know then they would not want her anywhere near TFF.

I must apologise for deleting threads however.......this was not my normal approach, I did and still do consider it childish and immature of me to have done so.
BUT...you left me no option...in that... my questions were not being answered, folks were hiding hoping I'd go away, the main protagionist went to ground and when explainations were offered....they were downright lies...given the timeline.

As is the core topic matter of this correspondance with you, I bear you or your company no malace as such other than your inability to widen your discussions with folks involved in this recent mess and taking the word of one person, one in which you will find to be very egotistical and a situation of similar ilk will not be far away. Search for Andywg and related topics

Please delete all reference to my articles and postings forthwith if you please...I have no desire for them to remain on this forum, given the way I was victimised by one party
It is my sincere hope that you will see this request through.



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