African Butterfly Fish?

Aug 21, 2010
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hey guys this is a very interesting fish indeed, i rescued this little fella from pets at home he was brought in by a member of the public (i dont work there either) by all accounts they had it advertised as a sort of cat fish cross loach, they had it in a tank with neon tetra's!! these guys when big eats these little fellas for breakfast. by all accounts this is about a inch long so just a baby, i knew what it was when i saw how it swam! upside down and right way up. give them 2 quid for it and brought it home. now i have a 4ft by 2 ft tank custom made not by me but was given it for my three foot to down grade for house move. i'm slighlty worried about having it in my tank i have guppies allbeit large one's 7 in total, a pleco who's about 4 1/2 inches 3 months old had since fry! 5 black widow tetra's 3 dwarf gourami's 2 large snakeskin gourami's 4 swordtails, 3 large silvertip tetra's this african butterfly could get upto 4-5 inches would this fella turn on any of my fish! he seems happy and contant in there at the moment and if you think their surface fish this one aint he like the bottom of the tank and taken to my plecy following him everywhere.