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About Java Fern.

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I have a bunch of it... I leave it as a "tangle" in the original tanks & when one breaks free ( I have a lot of flow in the tanks that have Java Fern in them ) I pluck them off the filter intakes, & I keep a roll of lead free solid core solder in my tank work area, I just cut off an inch & wrap it around the little runner, between leaf shoots... just bending a "U" shape, with my fingers, & slide it over the runner & pinch it closed with my fingers & drop them into another tank that has a space for it... ( my Bichir / Silver Doller tank didn't have any foliage in it, & the Silver Dollars are known grazers ) but they seem to for the most part leave them alone, so I have many Java Fern starts in that tank... I pluck about 1 per week off my filter intakes... just dropping them in, drifting down, seems to give them all the "planting" they need...
Love the core solder idea... I already have a couple rooting in the filter intake. I'm going to try this.

They are the lonely ones who started thriving immediately after I planted.

My Anubias and Downoi are not doing so well. But, Like they say "Bad isn't good, until worse happens."
just make sure you are using "solid" core, often solder has acid in the core or rosin in the core as a flux for soldering, I would thing either of those would be really bad for the fish
After reading a little on the product, they seems to contain tin-copper and zink. I think I'm going to try to use CA to glue them to a couple of current substrate pebbles and drop them where I want some to grow.
I would guess any metal leaching into the water is really a non issue… likely the same metals are in “made for aquarium” plant weights… I’ve been doing this for about a year, and the 1st tank I did it to, is full of Armano shrimp, that are thriving… plus any leaching is regularly diluted with normal water changes

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