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i eat buttons
Feb 5, 2004
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Funk Town
yoshi (my guinea pig)
has made little to no progress to getting better
for those of you that haven't read it
my original post SEEN HERE will explain what has transpired
so many people i have never seen before have given me support throughout this tradgedy
so many kind words have been shared
so i have decided it only to be fair for you to look into the eyes of my lovely little guinea pig and share what could quite possibly be his last days
his eyes are hazey, his body frail, yet his eyes still express great happiness and unconditional and devoted love
if only at a glimpse, i would like to share these past wonderful years that me and him have shared together with those on the forum who have wished him well


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oh my god!
the strangest thing happened this morning...
i woke up and started turning lamps on and uncovering cages to feed everyone and who do i see?
Yoshi, standing up eating out of his bowl on his own
then he walks (not limps/drags or hops) over to his water bottle and starts drinking away!
i was in shock, after seeing him for days not hardly able to stand up
he even stood on his hind legs to greet me
i ran to get him a congradulatory carrot and he smelt it and got excited and started screaching with delight
normally he would jump up on his house so that he had clear view out of his cage, but when he was all wound up over the carrot he tried to jump up, only got his feet about a cm off the ground and slammed belly first into the side of his house and fell on his bum :crazy:
guess he's not quite good as NEW, but he is looking and acting quite well

after he fell he was immediatley up again ready for the carrot
he even gave a triumphant little buck (much like a horse)

i'm so happy
i don't know what i did or what happened but this gives me reason to believe he just might be ok :)
I'm much happier now. ;)

He's a tough little guy. :flex: :flex: :flex:

I think all the love you show him was the cure. :wub:
go yoshi go! :clap: :- oh wow PK, that is great news! i'm glad he doesn't seem to be in so much pain anymore. LOVE is definately the best medicine :wub:
Alright, nice one Yoshi :p

I have been tempted to buy one, but unfortunately the betta sickness is on me right now.
Hi Pointy_kitty :)

I'm so happy to hear that Yoshi has improved. :thumbs: I was actually afraid to come here and see how he was doing. :sad:

It was great to see him entered in this month's POTM contest too. :D I wish him the best of luck!
i think he hurt his right leg because it was in alot of pain :unsure:
but he is better then ever

and ya know whats funny?
i think i have a gift for taming animals
they are always (with exception of my dog with strangers since i got her from the spca) very cuddley, and sweet
they love everyone and are very smart
i never have troubles taming, training or house training them

yoshi was always very cuddley and lovey but since he has healed he has been even more attatched
and he always wants to be near me and kissing my face (licking my face like a dog)
and he always wants to be touching my skin (like resting his chin on my bare shoulder and neck
i truley believe he knows that i helped him get through the pain
I am so glad for you pointy kitty I know you are a very happy person, I want to see some more pictures of the little piggy.

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