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Keeping fish food cool is always good...
Make sure to keep in mind if you keep plastic cans of fish food in the freezer and you take the can out of the freezer occasionally the plastic will break though not always
I bulk buy flakes as well, though I use it less and less. When I had a lot of livebearers, I had to. They eat like teenaged boys.

Now I culture a lot of food and only have a few 'flake tanks'. I am trying to buy locally to support stores, although the price difference hurts. I just paid as much for 250 grams as I would for twice that in bulk.

I quite like to use the soldier fly larvae based bug bite foods, and I can't get those is reasonable bulk either. I have to admit, I have never had a bit of brand loyalty, other than the fact tetra min flakes smell like when I was a child. I don't buy them for that! I don't snort fish food to feel young.

Ingredient loyalty is different. And it's essential to have local stores, so since I don't get my fish through them, I try to support them as much as I can via dry goods. But there are limits.

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