A few reminders from the moderators

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Dec 18, 2011
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Hello, valued fish keepers! A few reminders from the Mod Squad:

1. This is a privately owned forum. It is not a democracy. There are rules, and they are not open to discussion or debate; the same goes for moderator actions. The mod team did not create the rules, but we concur with them, and we are responsible for seeing that they are followed.

2. These rules apply to everyone, regardless of their fish keeping knowledge or longevity on the forum.

3. The mods are fellow humans and fish lovers. We are volunteers. We do not get paid for this; we have lives just as busy as yours; we are not infallible; we do the best we can. We do not appreciate it when members make our job difficult or put us in no-win situations.

4. We are actually very nice people, and we are here purely because we care. When a member violates the rules, we make every effort to address the problem in as private and dignified a manner as possible.

5. If a member responds to a warning with insults or further violations, we have no choice but to take a harder line. Despite frequent jokes to the contrary, we are extremely reluctant to use the "ban hammer," and much prefer to use the metaphorical fire extinguisher instead. We never do this impulsively or individually; we always discuss things at length and come to an agreement before issuing a verbal warning, assigning points, or banning someone.

6. If you are unable to make peace with any of the above realities, we humbly ask you to remember that the internet is a very big place, and you are welcome to look elsewhere for what you want.

Thank you.
--The Mod Team
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