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A Few Issues Came At Once To Give Me An Algae Problem


Aug 6, 2012
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So I set up my CO2 cylinder after it had been in storage for a year and the tank was setup at a temporary location,
and it took me a while to get it refilled as it was coincidentally empty.

Then I noticed that some of the remaining plants were finally dying (after a year), but I didn't want to remove them totally as the odd bit here and there was coming back to life.

The trouble is the bits that were dying were dissolving in the water column giving a spike in water nutrients.

And did I mention, CO2 now working and no plants to speak of to use it all up?

Then I noticed dark tufts and strands of beard algae all over.

My new plants arrived yesterday, at the same time I got up in the night to find my lights on! God knows how long they have been coming on at night for! Poor fish! One of those digital ones where I though the dash "-" meant off and looks like it means midnight.

Anyway, all that extra light, dissolving plants filling the tank up with nutrients and not as many water changes due to having just moved and being extremely busy, and you have all the makings of an algae problem.


Aug 8, 2015
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With all the extra light the plants probably depleted the water of micro nutrients.  Without those they will melt.  I have two timers.  on for my fish feeder and one for the lights.  I do check them occasionally to insure they are working right.  I have gone on a trip and found on my return the fish feeder was not working. The fish survived but I think I lost a few shrimp.  I have also gotten up at night to also find my aquarium lights on.